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The Offer service allows Distribution Partners to receive notifications and participate in PrimaryBid deals.

We provide two endpoints that instantly retrieve details about:

  • All PrimaryBid offers
  • A specific PrimaryBid offer
Deal subscription management

The Subscription service provides straightforward deal subscription management.

Through three endpoints, Distribution Partners are allowed to:

  • Retrieve details for all subscriptions
  • Retrieve details for a specific subscription
  • Create new subscriptions for an offer that is open
Notification on finalisation

The Allocation service extracts allocations and sends out notifications as soon as they’re finalised.

Through two endpoints, Distribution Partners can retrieve details for:

  • All allocations for all PrimaryBid offers
  • All allocations for a specific PrimaryBid offer

Get your API keys

Inbound requests directed to all PrimaryBid Connect API services and endpoints are governed through the following authentication methods:

API Keys

A set of credentials provided by a PrimaryBid Solutions Engineer to Distribution Partners during Onboarding.

IP Whitelisting

A list of IP addresses/ranges provided by Distribution Partners to PrimaryBid.

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